How we approach learning


If you’re in the mood to learn from other’s experiences and expertise to develop knowledge, worldviews, or mindsets, these resources may help you think differently about new topics and concepts. These include learning guides, reports, and courses.


If you’re craving ways to shift attitudes and values, confidence or critical thinking, these resources may shift how individuals or teams relate to themselves and those around them. These include deep thinking exercises, reflective activities, and inspirational stories.


If you’re looking to develop skills to make change through tangible actions, these tools will help you practice, adapt, pivot or shake up ways of working. These include assessments, webinars, toolkits, and individual readings.


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      Accessibility Confident Employers (ACE) Project

      This project aims to enhance accessible recruitment, hiring, retention, and advancement of people who identify as Deaf, Neurodivergent, and/or having a disability. The project offers free learning resources and training opportunities.

    • Don’t Call People Out — Call Them In

      We live in a call-out culture, says activist and scholar Loretta J. Ross. You’re probably familiar with it: the public shaming and blaming, on social media and in real life, of people who may have done wrong and are being held accountable. “Fighting hate should be fun,” Ross says.

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      RP Group Equity Framework

      This tool assesses an organization’s programs, practices, processes, and policies aligned with an Equity Framework based on four components: Equity-Minded, Cultural Humility, Distributed Leadership, and Evidence-Based.

    • Race in the Workplace podcast

      Podcast by Dr. Joanna Shoffner Scott who shares candid stories and lessons for those willing and working to make sustainable and equitable organizational change. Podcast is based on lived experience and practical and actionable guidance.

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      Achieving the Vision of an Inclusive Peel Region

      An assessment & toolkit including 8 domains of managing an organization & a self-assessment rating based on indicators reflecting promising practices in EDI across the domains.

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      Strengthening diversity in your organization – a self-assessment tool

      A Canadian tool to be completed as an organization on policies, procedures, and practices in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. There is a rubric scoring matrix with indicators to be assigned scores across 8 important organizational responsibilities.

    • 10 Tips for Building an Equitable Promotion Policy

      A guide and framework to help organizations reduce the advancement gap for marginalized groups who disproportionately face barriers in the promotion process and work towards adopting equitable practices that build diverse, high-performing teams.

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      Canadian Equality Consultants

      A consulting firm that helps organizations build the capacity in DEI systems, methodologies, and processes and design. They facilitate change management and conflict resolution and offer certificate programs.

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      Chanel Grenaway-Mills

      Chanel Grenaway-Mills is a consultant committed to helping leaders, staff teams, and boards stay relevant and aligned with their anti-racism and inclusion goals through continuous learning and practice change. Blogs on equitable practice.

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      One World Diversity Consulting

      Halifax based consultant with expertise in embedding cultural competence, diversity, equity and human rights into staff recruitment, development and retention, programming, policy development, organizational change, and community & leadership development.

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      Ashanti Leadership – Anne Devine

      Ashanti Leadership provides solutions to meet organizational needs in adult education and training, workshops, & organizational reviews. Their publication Gender Workbook provides a guide for supporting 2SLGBTQIA+ clients in long-term care.

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      Inclusion Incorporated

      This organization is based in BC and is focused on shifting the narrative towards full inclusion in sports at high levels. They offer strategy development, courses, trainings, free resources online.

    • Culture Ally

      Culture Ally’s team and partners encompass a wide variety of lived experiences and have created a free Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion hub with tools to write DEI statements, policies, land acknowledgments and collecting data.

    • Are your policies inclusive?

      Blog from the Canadian Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI) discussing inclusive policies on recruitment, promotion, advancement and compensation, organizational culture, equitable treatment, work-life balance and responsible sourcing.

    • The Diversity Gap

      The Diversity Gap is a book for leaders who want to increase the racial and ethnic diversity of their organizations while also addressing the systemic cultural factors causing their diversity efforts to fail.

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      Beyond Decent Work

      Beyond Decent Work represents the possibility of a transformative shift, and the power of reimagining beyond the status quo. It’s building just, equitable workplaces that prioritize people. This resource offers checklists, templates, and blogs about how to be more inclusive.

    • Reimagining Governance Through a Social Justice Lens

      A Canadian report exploring models of governance using a social justice lens. It includes an overview of trends and historical injustices in non-profit governance and opportunities for transforming inequitable governance approaches.

    • HR Toolkit


      Human Resources toolkit with in-depth information and research about HR policies, legislation, succession planning, equity, recruitment and workplace wellness.